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Updated Broccoli Salad Made LIGHT

I've been getting restless with my meal prepping. It's so easy to prepare the same ol' dishes. Soon enough we find ourselves turning into a well oiled meal prepping machine. When going to food buffets (one too many times!), what I loved the most was the broccoli salad from the salad bar! I would convince… Continue reading Updated Broccoli Salad Made LIGHT

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Sour Dough Biscuits Made Skinny! ONLY 3 Ingredients!

Greek yogurt never tasted so good! Blow your guests away this holiday with an easy three ingredient recipe for a low carb biscuit option! You can also form dough balls to make delicious and fluffy dinner rolls! I am OBSESSED! Combine all ingredients until a dough is formed. Do NOT over mix! Let your dough sit… Continue reading Sour Dough Biscuits Made Skinny! ONLY 3 Ingredients!

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Greek Yogurt Strawberry Protein Muffins!

Talk about melt in your mouth! I used this same recipe from my blueberry muffin recipe but swapped ingredients with different fruit and protein powder. Every time I bake these, I find it hard not to devour them all at once! You will need two mixing bowls to prepare the batter. Bowl #1 Dry Ingredients 1 cup… Continue reading Greek Yogurt Strawberry Protein Muffins!

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Green Apple Greek Yogurt Salad

  Here is a fresh summer recipe when you need to use up all those apples! If you aren't a fan of my add ins, substitute with your favs such as raisins, almonds and so on... * optional*  Vanilla protein powder mixed in with your Greek yogurt. I thought cinnamon might be good too!   It's… Continue reading Green Apple Greek Yogurt Salad

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The BEST Chocolate Protein Brownie Bread!

This bread is everything to me! I've put it on my top three favorite sweet cheats to make! What makes it even better, is how easy it is! I found this recipe on pinterest and have been obsessed ever since. You can be creative with your toppings and ingredients such as peanut butter chips, walnuts, raspberries,… Continue reading The BEST Chocolate Protein Brownie Bread!

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Greek Yogurt Skinny Chicken Salad

  This recipe is one of my husbands creations with a banana pepper twist! I'm one of those people that believes you can put banana peppers on anything! If they aren't your thing, substitute them with onions, raisins or a different veggie.   Chop up your favorite chicken salad fixins' and place them into a… Continue reading Greek Yogurt Skinny Chicken Salad


3 Ingredient Greek Yogurt Pizza Dough

  IT'S PIZZA FRIDAY!!!!     If you are a huge foodie like I am, you are going to go nuts over this recipe! The dough is the same as the one I used for my sour dough dinner biscuits over the holidays.   Any left over dough can be stored in the fridge or freezer. Depending… Continue reading 3 Ingredient Greek Yogurt Pizza Dough