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Updated Broccoli Salad Made LIGHT

I've been getting restless with my meal prepping. It's so easy to prepare the same ol' dishes. Soon enough we find ourselves turning into a well oiled meal prepping machine. When going to food buffets (one too many times!), what I loved the most was the broccoli salad from the salad bar! I would convince… Continue reading Updated Broccoli Salad Made LIGHT

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Crispy And Crunchy Sweet Potato Tots!

Who didn’t love tater tots as a kid!? I love sweet potatoes cooked every kind of way so I was excited to try this recipe. It was easy and can be customized by adding garlic, green peppers, corn, seasonings and so on!   Ingredients 1 cup cooked, skinned and mashed sweet potato 1 tbsp oat flour… Continue reading Crispy And Crunchy Sweet Potato Tots!

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Cooking With Algae Oil

I was reading an article on algae oil in one of my training magazines. When I think of algae, a green gooey slime is what comes to mind. I've done a lot of swimming growing up in Florida and the unexpected feeling of seaweed brisking across your leg is not a pleasant experience! Regardless, when learning… Continue reading Cooking With Algae Oil

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Celery Peanut Butter Crawlers

Perfect for smart snacking and being festive at the same time! Cut your celery into serving size pieces, fill with peanut butter and add your raisins. The next part is a bit tedious but makes the creepy crawling snack come together! I used chocolate sprinkles that I had in my cabinet. The easiest way to do… Continue reading Celery Peanut Butter Crawlers


Taste The Rainbow! 

Make sure you're eating your fruits and vegetables! Follow the color of the rainbow trick, to help you consume your daily nutrients!     RED tomato, red pepper, beets, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, pomegranate, apple, red onion, grapefruit ORANGE/YELLOW orange, sweet potato, mango, squash, papaya, carrots, nectarine, peach, apricot, pineapple GREEN  spinach, kale, swish chard, avocado, asparagus, artichoke,… Continue reading Taste The Rainbow!