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Healthy Veggie And Cheese Casserole!

When I think of casseroles, I think of large amounts of butter and cheese baked into one gooey, flavorful dish! It's very possible a casserole recipe will call for a vegetable but it's very rare! I don't like depriving myself from certain foods, especially comfort foods that I grew up to love! Instead, I make a better… Continue reading Healthy Veggie And Cheese Casserole!

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Sweet Potato Pie Protein Balls!

Hello September! Smart snacking has never tasted so good! I've slowly become a slave to my own kitchen! But that's okay by me! Through out my fitness journey, I've experimented and dabbled with more random ingredients and off the wall recipes than I can count! With fall around the corner, I was inspired to create a… Continue reading Sweet Potato Pie Protein Balls!

Dinner, Snacks And Sides

Healthy Baked Steak Fries!

Ohh, ladies and gentlemen! This one is a doozy! Any sense of my portion control went right out the window! They are that dang good! Why go out and pay for something you can make in your own kitchen! Especially when you can be in complete control of knowing exactly how much and what you're putting… Continue reading Healthy Baked Steak Fries!

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Green Apple Greek Yogurt Salad

  Here is a fresh summer recipe when you need to use up all those apples! If you aren't a fan of my add ins, substitute with your favs such as raisins, almonds and so on... * optional*  Vanilla protein powder mixed in with your Greek yogurt. I thought cinnamon might be good too!   It's… Continue reading Green Apple Greek Yogurt Salad

Cardio & HIIT, Short On Time, Strength Training

Win With Spin!

Last year I caught bits and pieces of a tv show called Hollywood Cycle that inspired me to do more cycling circuits. Since incorporating more intensity, I've been doing most of my cardio routines with a weighted vest. MAN does this take your endurance to another level! I purchased my RunFast vest from amazon. This was definitely an ass kicker! By… Continue reading Win With Spin!

Dinner, Snacks And Sides

Food Processor Black Bean Chips With Sea Salt!

So my husband and I are connoisseurs of health chips. They could be made of seaweed, veggies, rice, you name it. We became obsessed with reading the ingredients on the back of the bags, convincing each other we could make them ourselves! SO! Like any curious couple would, we decided to experiment! Beanitos. Crunchy, full of… Continue reading Food Processor Black Bean Chips With Sea Salt!

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The BEST EVER Peanut Nutter Butter Balls!

You asked for it, you got it!  It doesn't get any better than these little fellas! My peanut nutter butter balls! Below is honest to goodness, one of my most sought out after recipes! I'm shocked it wasn't on my blog already! Saying it's a crowd pleaser is a huge understatement! They are quick to prepare… Continue reading The BEST EVER Peanut Nutter Butter Balls!