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Green Apple Greek Yogurt Salad

  Here is a fresh summer recipe when you need to use up all those apples! If you aren't a fan of my add ins, substitute with your favs such as raisins, almonds and so on... * optional*  Vanilla protein powder mixed in with your Greek yogurt. I thought cinnamon might be good too!   It's… Continue reading Green Apple Greek Yogurt Salad

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Health Hacks For The Vacationer

MAN!  Getting ready to go out of town while trying to be healthy is a lot of work! Sometimes I stop and wonder if it's all worth it...... and I answer myself right back with a HELL YES! I remember when I used to just get up and go! That was also the same time I was… Continue reading Health Hacks For The Vacationer

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Sundried Tomato And Feta Turkey Meatballs

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm obsessed with feta cheese! I've been putting it on and in everything! It's almost getting out of control! Normally with this recipe I would need lots of flavor and tons of seasoning. It's usually a huge blend of this and a whole lot of that! However!... This is one of the… Continue reading Sundried Tomato And Feta Turkey Meatballs

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Breakfast Meal Prep Monday!

One of the easiest meal preps! You can do this if you like your oatmeal hot or cold. I've been liking mine cold. It goes down like a sweet treat for me! Trust me, It's very simple....   ♥ 1 1/2 cups of old fashioned oats ♥ 2 scoops of protein powder of choice (I used… Continue reading Breakfast Meal Prep Monday!

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Football, Friends, Fun And FOOD!

That's right! Football season is back! That means food, food and more food! As soon as football gets rolling, the holidays are soon to follow! This is a critical time to stay focused. It's important to plan ahead and make sure you're prepared. Don't let yourself get off track. You've already worked too hard! I… Continue reading Football, Friends, Fun And FOOD!