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Fiesta Friday! My Cinco De Favos! :)

Happy Cinco De Mayo! It's time to fiesta! Personally, I love Cinco De Mayo. No real reason besides being a huge fan of a good margarita and tasty tacos! I'm going to share my favorite treats so get your party pants on and head into the kitchen!   First we have the margarita cookie! You can find… Continue reading Fiesta Friday! My Cinco De Favos! 🙂

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Healthy Pastel Peanut Butter M&M Balls For The Easter Bunny!

These peanut butter balls will hit your sweet tooth spot! They are delicious, crunchy and packed with guilt-free ingredients! Minus the candy of course, but who doesn't love M&M's?! Especially when they are pretty and pastel! I can't help being festive! It's a family thing and it runs through my blood! You can use this recipe… Continue reading Healthy Pastel Peanut Butter M&M Balls For The Easter Bunny!

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Chocolate Trail Mix PROTEIN Oat Bars!

We all know trail mix is a great snack but also super addicting! I wanted to make another way to eat these yummy ingredients so I turned them into delicious freezer bars!  These bars are very easy to make and take little time. Mix, pour, stir and you're a few steps closer to your new favorite… Continue reading Chocolate Trail Mix PROTEIN Oat Bars!

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GLUTEN FREE Black Bean Protein Fudge Brownies!

You spin me right round brownies right round like a record baby right round, round, round! Bring out the blender and your party pants because we're going on a black bean brownie adventure! I've seen brownies made all kinds of ways. For me, I find the black bean or sweet potato brownies to be my… Continue reading GLUTEN FREE Black Bean Protein Fudge Brownies!

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Black Bean Veggie Patties

I'll keep this post simple and straight to the point. All you need to know is what you need, how to do it, and that the end result is DELISH! Ingredients 1 can drained and rinsed black beans 1 tbs plain greek yogurt 1 tbsp yellow mustard 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp onion powder ⅓ cup instant oats  *salt… Continue reading Black Bean Veggie Patties

Product Reviews

Pizootz Peanuts Product Review!

  ATTENTION! This is a public service announcement! Head to your local Homegoods store NOW to get your hands on a bag of these tasty peanuts! My husband and I found these while we were browsing around. We love trying new snacks so we bought a bag on a whim. I can confidently say 80%… Continue reading Pizootz Peanuts Product Review!

Dinner, Snacks And Sides

Healthy Veggie And Cheese Casserole!

When I think of casseroles, I think of large amounts of butter and cheese baked into one gooey, flavorful dish! It's very possible a casserole recipe will call for a vegetable but it's very rare! I don't like depriving myself from certain foods, especially comfort foods that I grew up to love! Instead, I make a better… Continue reading Healthy Veggie And Cheese Casserole!