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Loving Yourself With Lingerie!

Being beautiful goes beyond wearing makeup or spending a day getting pampered. You must feel good about yourself first before you can truly feel bold and beautiful. Once you achieve this you'll be oozing beauty from the inside and out! I suggest starting with the one and only L word, Lingerie! Whether you are wearing… Continue reading Loving Yourself With Lingerie!


Holiday tips for flawless LIPS!

Before applying your lip color apply a light foundation or primer over your lips and set it with a loose powder! From there, outline your lips with a lip liner and blend in towards the center with a lip brush. Apply your lip color, you can use the help of a brush for a more… Continue reading Holiday tips for flawless LIPS!

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It’s Makeup Monday! Halloween Style!

Since it's October, a dear friend of mine requested that I post a blog on my costume makeup. Every time I see her she is on my case, so here you go! Before I got into skincare and eyelash extensions, I did a lot of work with makeup that included fashion shows, bridal, magazines and special… Continue reading It’s Makeup Monday! Halloween Style!