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Fit Shaming Is Just As Bad As Fat Shaming. Don’t Do It!


Every now and then I have people go out of their way to make comments about what I’m eating or what I’m not eating. It used to bother me and I would end up giving in to that one bite or that one cupcake. I did this to move on and make other people happy without thinking about my health and myself first. It’s not worth it to temporarily disregard your goals on someone else’s account. Just like I wouldn’t feel pressured to jump off a bridge because you are, I don’t need to feel the same about eating a huge donut either. But it would be a different story if I pointed out your food and what you decided to eat.. “OHHH a pizza today huh? And a cheeseburger for dinner? With extra mayo?? Look at yoOoOoOo go there…..” In the end you will be happier making decisions for YOUrself. I’ll do me, you do you. I’m not perfect and I don’t eat ‘perfect’ for every meal, but every meal isn’t meant for me to over indulge with cravings every single time I eat. If I say no to your guilt trip food it’s probably because I ate a whole tub of peanut butter the night before 🙂

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