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10 Reasons WHY I Started Working Out At Home

 A few quick tips before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post! If you want to start working out from home, before getting straight into your routine it’s best to warm up. To do this, I use my beloved cycle bike that I bought from K-mart. If you don’t have a cardio machine like this, go on a walk. A good 20 minute walk or quick run around the block is enough to get the blood flowing and prime you up for your workout!

You’d be surprised what workouts you can accomplish from using objects and furniture around the house. I’ve stood on my tub or chairs to do deep goblet squats, my couch for split squats, counters for standing push ups, tub for tricep dips, chairs for step ups, and so on! I can get a great core workout in by using hand towels on my hardwood floor!

To progress with your home workouts, I recommend getting a jump rope, ankle weights and a good pair of basic 10-15 pound dumbells. I purchased all of these items over time at discount stores like Marshalls, Tj-Maxx or Ross. I’ve advanced to purchasing battle ropes that I use down my hall and a heavier single dumbbell(I’d prefer a kettlebell!) and a 100 pound barbell set that I also got from Kmart!

10 Reasons Why I Workout At Home

  1. CONTROL. Create your own schedule and work out plan. You can mix it up whenever you feel like it and not be restricted to the itenirary of a instructed class or a trainers plan. Do what you feel! You’re the boss!
  2. TIME SAVER! I didn’t realize how much time I saved by working out from home. My gym commute there and back is a total of 20 minutes then factoring in my actual workout time there which would be 45 minutes to an hour. If you are busy and have a tight schedule, making it to the gym and spending time getting there and back can really add up! So much so, that you might skip your workout all together!Time is huge. You want to use it wisely!
  3. SPACE. What is more freeing than a workout within your own home. I can dance, sing, do dishes, or fold laundry in between sets. I don’t have to worry how loud my headphones are, if I’ve been on a machine too long or using weights someone else needs. It’s my home, so I do what I want!
  4. GERMS. Im sorry but the older I am, the weirder I get with germs and sharing things with other people. Especially in a gym where equipment is shared with large quantities of people. The gym can be really gross if you think about it. Of course we all need to wipe the machines down and be courteous, but does everyone? How often is the gym cleaned or wiped down? Who even knows!
  5. Public showers/restrooms. I can use the bathroom if I want and when I want. If I need to shower in a timely manner, no wait! No packing a gym bag! No forgetting my deodorant or hair straightener! I feel so spoiled! – I can immediately jump in the shower after a workout.
  6. Flexibility.  Working out at home lets you decide what time to exercise. What time is best for you! Did you get behind and have to cancel morning yoga or cycle class? Not in this case! If you get behind it’s best to split up your workout. If this happens, I normally do my 20-30 minute cardio session and my second half of the workout when I get home after work. Splitting it up is okay, as long as you are still doing it! It can be more attainable when it’s broken up as well! Would you rather give someone 100 high fives at one time or 10 high fives split up 10 times through out the day?! 🙂
  7. Stranger Danger! Headphones are a must. When I’m training at the gym no one exists. I usually hope I don’t run into anyone I know so I can be in and out. It isn’t social hour for me and with a hectic schedule every second counts! From my home I’m skipping all the awkward questions and conversations from rando-s.
  8. Outfit delima–  There’s no fashion show going on behind these walls! As a female, I know we like to take pride in our appearance and how we look. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been to the gym and felt like I was the raggedy one in the building! I started seeing more girls with over the top gym attire that looked so expensive I wouldn’t want to wear to sweat in! Not to mention the new shoes that perfectly match their sports bra, socks and hair tie! When I work out from home, no one is looking at what I chose to wear or judging me by wearing the same shoes twice! Or an old shirt I’ve had since 8th grade due to my laundry not being done! It’s a fashion free judgement zone in my home. Dirty clothes, messy hair, teeth not brushed, no makeup-who cares!
  9. Multitasking Bringing my laptop to the gym or walking on the treadmill with my phone in hand would only bring peer judgement my way! You are skipping travel time, wasted waiting time on available machines or a class to start. Do you still have chores or a list of taste you need to get done? I always do! As a matter of fact I’m on my cycle bike right now as I type this. How’s that for a multitasking!
  10. No sharing necessary! I’m guilty of getting in the same routine when it comes to going to the gym. I’ve figured out what times work best for me, when it’s less crowded and I can have more freedom to do what I want. I often go to the gym, or workout in general with a planned routine in mind. If someone is on a machine I need to use, or if I’m doing a super set workout and the second machine I need is in use, I panic! This throws my whole flow out of whack! At home, it’s all me, myself and I. I can do what I want, when I want and how I want!

Workout accomplished 🙂

1 thought on “10 Reasons WHY I Started Working Out At Home”

  1. I am so with you girl! At home workouts are my jam! The gym just gets too crowded and you’re right about the whole commute to the gym. By the time I get there I could be halfway done with a workout!


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