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13 EASY Ways To Add Protein To Your Diet

It’s important that we all get our daily doses of protein! The lack of protein in your diet may lead you to muscle weakness, bloating due to water retention, low blood pressure, bruising, lower your ability to fight off colds and other illnesses, fatigue, liver issues and other symptoms that may go unseen!

1.) Coffee

Protein with your morning cup of coffee? Heck yes! Skip the sugary creamer and add some flavor using your protein powders!


2.) Waffles

You all know this is one of my absolutely favorite way to add protein! The waffle maker should be a staple item in your kitchen!


3.) Fruit

 Get creative if you need! You can sprinkle vanilla protein powder on top of a bowl of fruit or stir it into your peanut butter to make a nice spread to go with your apples or bananas!


 4.) Jello/Pudding

 Why not! This way is inexpensive and quick to prepare! Just add a scoop or two! Vanilla, strawberry and other fruit flavors are perfect for jello. Try chocolate, peanut butter or cake batter proteins for your pudding!


5.) Yogurt

Another fun option to play around with when it comes to flavor combinations. Shakes and smoothies can get boring so if you eat a lot of yogurt this one is for you!


6.) Oatmeal

Ohh oatmeal, what am I going to do with you and your delicious bites of nutritiousness!

I do a lot of overnight oats with protein but preparing it to eat right then is fine too! I usually do 1/2 cup oats, 1 scoop protein powder and fill the rest with water until it’s a little soupy. I personally enjoy my oats cold and love the thick texture that’s created!

Try some of my fav combinations!

♥ Frosted Cinnabun- Cinnamon roll powder with cinnamon and raisins.

♥ Banana bread- Bananas n’ cream protein powder with walnuts and banana slices

♥ Chocolate lovers! – Chocolate chip powder from Universal Nutrition! Add some with swirls of peanut butter if you’re feeling dangerous 🙂

♥  Vanilla powders, I’ll add fruits, coconut flakes or sprinkles for fun!

Overnight oats are desserts in a bowl! And who wouldn’t love dessert for breakfast or a quick snack!


7.) Baking

The options here are endless! Just add a scoop into any recipe.

This includes cupcakes…






…and muffins!


9.) Icecream

Add a scoop along with your other toppings! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out to get frozen yogurt and whipped out my own little baggy of protein powder! I love using chocolate or peanut butter powders into my frozen yogurt cups! Especially at my favorite place, Menchie’s! They have the best frozen yogurt flavors!


11.) Smoothies

Even your basic fruit smoothies could use a little protein!


12.) Popcorn

Who woulda thought of this one! Popcorn is already a light snack too! Protein powders like chocolate, pumpkin pie, strawberry shortcake, cookies & cream, or vanilla swirl, make this simple snack a tasty treat! Just sprinkle your protein powder on top of your popcorn or inside the bag and shake it like a polaroid picture!


 13.) Protein balls

Don’t even get me started on these little guys! We see these yummy snack balls all over Pinterest but a lot of them ask for nuts and peanut butter to give you protein but it doesn’t hurt to add a scoop of protein too!


***Bonus Option!***

Unflavored Powders

A different approach is to use unflavored powders. This opens up a whole new world of ways you can add more protein to your diet.
For example, you can bake with your veggies, sprinkle on pizza, blend in pasta dishes, salsa, stir in your soup, add with your crock pot meals, or use in your salsa and dips!


Adult women should get around 46g of protein and men around 56g.

I challenge you to track your protein intake today just to see where you fall!

Comment below with your results!

Happy Wednesday!

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