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Meet, Make And Celebrate!

Regardless of having Alley Cakes do our wedding and already thinking they're the best, I had such a blast at their Meet, Make and Celebrate cake decorating class with all my work peeps! They offer other classes including cake pops and macaroons. This is such a cool idea for any bakery to offer! Your job is to show… Continue reading Meet, Make And Celebrate!

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28th Birthday Fun…With Food Of Course!

Whew!- I survived my birthday! I am truly blessed to be surrounded by the friends and family that I have but boy am I over all the food that followed it! My actual birthday was on a Tuesday so the festivities started earlier that Friday! This means, dinners, brunches, lunches and more dinners! By the time… Continue reading 28th Birthday Fun…With Food Of Course!

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Celery Peanut Butter Crawlers

Perfect for smart snacking and being festive at the same time! Cut your celery into serving size pieces, fill with peanut butter and add your raisins. The next part is a bit tedious but makes the creepy crawling snack come together! I used chocolate sprinkles that I had in my cabinet. The easiest way to do… Continue reading Celery Peanut Butter Crawlers

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Sunday Football Made Skinny!

During football season I'm exposed to tons of food I wouldn't normally eat or that I try to stay away from. For this reason, I will plan my cheat meals on Sundays. That way I won't feel guilty eating certain things. Plus, Monday is a new day to get back on track!  You can make it easier… Continue reading Sunday Football Made Skinny!

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Boost Your Vitamin C!

  Helps boost your immunity and fight off conditions like the common cold. A perfect moisturizer and glowing ingredient for your skin Improves blood flow Cures issues related to stress and overall mood Naturally lowers your cholesterol Handles the sugar levels in the blood stream. Known to improve health symptoms relating to asthma and arthritis Fights off… Continue reading Boost Your Vitamin C!

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Football, Friends, Fun And FOOD!

That's right! Football season is back! That means food, food and more food! As soon as football gets rolling, the holidays are soon to follow! This is a critical time to stay focused. It's important to plan ahead and make sure you're prepared. Don't let yourself get off track. You've already worked too hard! I… Continue reading Football, Friends, Fun And FOOD!