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The Demi Moore Monday Workout


It’s Demi Moore Monday!

The Demi Moore Workout is split into two phases.

It was noted, instead of focusing on specific reps, try going through the circuit until you feel “you’ve killed it” rather than keeping a set number of reps in mind.

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It might be a shocker for some but I truly enjoy training abs. It can be a grueling activity but not for me! I like to train abs or put them in my workouts when my heart rate gets too high or I feel I need a little breather. They’re the perfect remedy to incorporate in your training while still promoting movement— plus, who doesn’t want to lay down for a couple minutes! 🙂

Throughout 2020 I fell into a nostalgic phase when it comes to movies and music. I learned more about the life of Demi Moore, her life struggles as well as accomplishments. I’ve always found her inspiring after her role she played in GI Jane (highly recommend watching if you haven’t)

Many times actors and actresses have to prepare for roles but the physical transformation and training behind the scenes is often overshadowed.

For this specific plan, her routine consists of an hour of cardio with ab intervals, followed by 1-2 hours of weight training, clearly because she’s a badass. This is a great template to play around with and customize to fit your own needs. 

Phase 1 Treadmill With Interval Abs

1. Do 20 minutes on Treadmill (@2% Incline)
(After 10 minutes, make sure you’re heart rate is @75)
2. After 20 minutes, stop and do these three core abs exercises with 2 minute treadmill runs in between with 85% heart rate (160 BPM) for 4 rounds.

(Ab Circuit)
Accordion Crunches
Side Bridges

3. After 4th set of abs, end with run on treadmill for 5 minutes @87%



Phase 2 Weight Training Chest/Arms

1. One-Arm Push-Up
2. Dive Bombers
3. Dumbbell Bench Press or (Exercise Ball Push-Ups)
4. Advanced Chest Flys
5. Cable Flys or (Exercise Ball Incline Flys)
6. Military Press
7. Shoulder Workout Plan: Lateral Flys
8. Front Raises
9. Barrel Flys




– Put in the effort to planing your meals. Keep things simple and as brainless as possible to keep yourself on track.

-Eat your high carb meal post workout (withing 1 hour after finished workout) Always have your biggest meal around your highest level of activity during the day.

– Don’t kill yourself dieting or cutting out meals- add more movement and activity! This will help ease your mind as you baby step your way into a new healthier long-term lifestyle.

– Don’t obsess over cardio. Try incorporating more weights. Built strength while building a better metabolism!

– Eat as clean as possible! After all the hardwork you put in at the gym, you don’t want to deminish it all with a poor diet. Allow yourself to enjoy good, nutritious food-guilt free!


Happy Monday, now go kick ASS!


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