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Homemade Cashew-Craisin Raw Energy Bars!

Don't pay for another $10 health bar again! Okay, okay... I know they aren't $10 but they do add up! The craziest thing about it, is most of the ingredients of all these bars are in your home right now! If you don't have a certain ingredient, sub it with something else or double one of the… Continue reading Homemade Cashew-Craisin Raw Energy Bars!

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Green Apple Greek Yogurt Salad

  Here is a fresh summer recipe when you need to use up all those apples! If you aren't a fan of my add ins, substitute with your favs such as raisins, almonds and so on... * optional*  Vanilla protein powder mixed in with your Greek yogurt. I thought cinnamon might be good too!   It's… Continue reading Green Apple Greek Yogurt Salad

Snacks And Sides, Sweet Cheats

The BEST EVER Peanut Nutter Butter Balls!

You asked for it, you got it!  It doesn't get any better than these little fellas! My peanut nutter butter balls! Below is honest to goodness, one of my most sought out after recipes! I'm shocked it wasn't on my blog already! Saying it's a crowd pleaser is a huge understatement! They are quick to prepare… Continue reading The BEST EVER Peanut Nutter Butter Balls!

Fit Tips

Fit Tip #26 Spice Up Your Life!

When it comes to food, we all could use some spicing up! Our meal pans and food preps can get boring fast! I call the items listed below flavor savers! They're there to save the day when you want to jazz up my meals and keep yourself on track! This will keep you from grabbing high sodium… Continue reading Fit Tip #26 Spice Up Your Life!