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Bring It On Bikini Season!

Here is another go-to cardio blast of mine on.. If you aren’t comfortable running you can perform the same sequence on an elliptical or stationary bike by adjusting your resistance. If you’ve been slacking on your diet or participating in one too many social activities, this workout is totally for you! I’ll do similar plans to this… Continue reading Bring It On Bikini Season!

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Christmas Eve Cardio!

Christmas Eve is is almost here! No, that doesn't mean you can skip out on the gym! If your gym is closed or you want to celebrate the holiday gym free, there are other ways to get your activity in. No excuses! These are great ideas if you have more time to spare and want to enjoy an… Continue reading Christmas Eve Cardio!

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Win With Spin!

Last year I caught bits and pieces of a tv show called Hollywood Cycle that inspired me to do more cycling circuits. Since incorporating more intensity, I've been doing most of my cardio routines with a weighted vest. MAN does this take your endurance to another level! I purchased my RunFast vest from amazon. This was definitely an ass kicker! By… Continue reading Win With Spin!

Cardio & HIIT, Short On Time

Holy Sh–Sweat! Super Sweaty Saturday HIIT

This was definitely a personal challenge. I don't know if it's because I have short legs or if I'm not in the exact shape I thought I was! It was smooth sailing till I got to the 12/13 incline. Man! What an ass kicker! It's a beautiful day here in Florida and while I love… Continue reading Holy Sh–Sweat! Super Sweaty Saturday HIIT

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Kick Ass Cardio!

Kick your ass cardio! -Literally! These butt kickers are no joke! REPEAT 3 -5 times. If you want to use your time efficiently, try this! Rise, grind, then shine! You can get this done in 20 minutes or less and go on about your day! Put in work! Happy Saturday!

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Hit the gym with HIIT!

  Hiit training stands for high intensity(really intense!) interval training. The concept is to perform a number of rounds with high levels of activity followed by rest, then bursting back into high levels, then rest and repeating until you are finished. Most hiit workouts are 20-30 minutes, total! This is perfect for those busy bees who are pressed… Continue reading Hit the gym with HIIT!

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Happy Hump Day! Lower Body Strength And Cardio

Keep your goals in mind when it comes to your training! Are you looking to get more active, maintain your current shape, or setting out to achieve fat loss or muscle gain? My weekly workouts normally consist of two leg days, two arm days, and the other three blend between hiit training, plyo and cardio. For… Continue reading Happy Hump Day! Lower Body Strength And Cardio