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Healthy Veggie And Cheese Casserole!


When I think of casseroles, I think of large amounts of butter and cheese baked into one gooey, flavorful dish!

It’s very possible a casserole recipe will call for a vegetable but it’s very rare!

I don’t like depriving myself from certain foods, especially comfort foods that I grew up to love! Instead, I make a better and HEALTHIER version.

Broccoli and cheese casserole for example…

I have zero will power when it comes to my grandmas broccoli and cheese casserole. It is truly the BEST.

 My taste buds were craving something similar so the brainstorming began!

With most casseroles or baked dishes it’s the irresistible creamy sauce that holds everything together. The perfect go-to substitution that packs a punch of health benefits is greek yogurt. Plain geek yogurt has been my best friend when it comes to cooking and creating foods that are traditionally not so health friendly!

After pulling out vegetables with a creeping expiration date, awkwardly staring at my fridge for far too long…

It all hit me!

Veggie casserole!

This recipe is very easy and flexible. Choose whatever cheeses make your taste buds happy! I went with a white cheddar route!

When making your dish, I suggest lightly cooking your veggies first.

  1. In a medium sized bowl. Add 2 cups of plain greek yogurt, 2-3 wedges of laughing cow cheese and 1/2 cup of oat flour(you could probably skip this but I used it as a thickener to have a thick, creamier sauce). Don’t forget your salt and pepper!!
  2. Take your veggies of choice and add a layer to your casserole dish. I used 1 bag of spinach and slices of 2 medium zucchinis. Spread a layer of your cheese sauce and repeat the same steps again. Think of it like making a lasagna! I did two layers because my dish wasn’t deep enough but you could do three.
  3. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes. I have a convection oven so everything cooks faster. Keep an eye on yours! Remove and add a layer of shredded white cheddar cheese overtop. Set back in your oven for another 10 minutes for the shredded cheese to melt.

NOTE:  Laughing cow cheese wedges are the best to use as a substitute in certain dishes. I love these little fellas because they are so versatile and easy to melt. If you haven’t tried them I hight recommend you do! I’ve made pasta sauces, dips, and as a cheese spread.

What I love the most about casseroles is all the left overs you can save throughout the week! If you have a busy week ahead with no time to cook or prepare meals, casserole dishes are the way to go.

I didn’t have any at the time but I can’t wait to try this with broccoli! For a heartier meal, adding a meat would be delicious too! How heavenly does broccoli cheese and chicken sound?! YUM!

Enjoy my happy and healthy eaters!

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