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Roasted Salt And Vinegar Almonds 

Before I get to the specifics, I must say this recipe gave me a run for my money! The third time was the charm!

Long story short, don’t let your almonds soak in a pan on low heat unless you want a mushy mess!

Don’t try to soak your salt in vinegar either thinking it won’t dissolve because duh, of course it will!

What a waste of almonds that was!

For the final recipe you will need

♥ 2 cups raw almonds

♥ 1 cup white vinegar

♥ sea salt

♥ Put almonds and vinegar in a large bowl and soak for one hour

♥ Dry your almonds with a paper towel.

♥ Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place almonds on top.

♥ Bake in the oven at 350 for 25-30 minutes.

♥ Remove almonds from the oven. Add salt to taste and let cool.



5 thoughts on “Roasted Salt And Vinegar Almonds ”

  1. I think these are delicious. Just enough flavor added to make them unique, not too heavy on the vinegar flavor though surprisingly. I added salt before and after roasting.

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  2. Kudos, this is one of the better recipes I’ve found for this. I’m curious about your mention of dissolving the salt in vinegar while soaking the almonds, because the brine method is by far the best way to make salted-roasted almonds that stay salty; so I presumed the same might work by dissolving salt in the vinegar.


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