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Veggie Lovers Zucchini Parm!|MeatLESS Meatballs

This recipe is very simple and time efficient which are two key factors when baking in the kitchen! These meatballs are great in a bowl of spaghetti, as a side dish or to snack on by themselves! You could prepare them for a party on skewers or set out toothpicks for easy pick up. Instead of… Continue reading Veggie Lovers Zucchini Parm!|MeatLESS Meatballs

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Making Smoothies 101

    ♥ You need a base!  Decide if  you want milk, water, tea, just ice, you pick! ♥Add your protein! Protein powder or greek yogurt. ♥Throw in fruits and veggies.  Some of my go to ingredients are berries, frozen bananas, spinach and spinach but the options go on and on. Don't forget about mango,… Continue reading Making Smoothies 101

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Food Processor Black Bean Chips With Sea Salt!

So my husband and I are connoisseurs of health chips. They could be made of seaweed, veggies, rice, you name it. We became obsessed with reading the ingredients on the back of the bags, convincing each other we could make them ourselves! SO! Like any curious couple would, we decided to experiment! Beanitos. Crunchy, full of… Continue reading Food Processor Black Bean Chips With Sea Salt!

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Foodie Finds! Best Blue Cheese Olives 

Ladies and gents! I have found a foodies favorite!   Head out to your local health super market (I found mine at Fresh Market) and pick these up! There's nothing better than a big juicy olive stuffed with delicious, crumbly blue cheese! The garlic and pepper marinade really gave it that extra punch of flavor! Totally… Continue reading Foodie Finds! Best Blue Cheese Olives 

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Easy Peasy Grilled Cheesy With Your Waffle Maker!

My best ideas happen after midnight! Especially on the days I plan on taking a baby nap after work and find myself 4 hours later, dark outside and I'm wide awake! My husband, Rey and I went for a jog with our dog.. See what I did there!-I'm a poet and you didn't know it!… Continue reading Easy Peasy Grilled Cheesy With Your Waffle Maker!


Skinny Veggie Parmesan Side Dish

This recipe is a must share! And quite tasty!   All you have to do is cook your veggies on low heat until cooked all the way through. Add your desired amount of cheese. I used parmesan. I prepared mine on a stove top but you could bake in the oven if you'd like. The longer you… Continue reading Skinny Veggie Parmesan Side Dish


Cool Like A Cucumber!

Perfect snack for those hot sunny days! Light, refreshing and will fill you up! I used 100 calorie sandwich thins, laughing cow cheese wedges, a little salt and pepper and into my belly it goes! This snack is fun because you can switch out the veggies, cheese flavors or by adding different spices. A pepper… Continue reading Cool Like A Cucumber!