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Bring It On Bikini Season!

Here is another go-to cardio blast of mine on.. If you aren’t comfortable running you can perform the same sequence on an elliptical or stationary bike by adjusting your resistance. If you’ve been slacking on your diet or participating in one too many social activities, this workout is totally for you! I’ll do similar plans to this… Continue reading Bring It On Bikini Season!

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Got Browning Bananas? Use This GUILT FREE Banana Brownie Recipe!

Besides making guilt-free ice-cream, this is the number one way to use your old bananas before tossing them out! I loved eating brownies growing up and was thrilled to know I could indulge eating brownies again without feeling bad about it! If you find yourself throwing away bananas because they are getting old, try using… Continue reading Got Browning Bananas? Use This GUILT FREE Banana Brownie Recipe!

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Fit Tip #30 Say NO to Freebies!

FREE YOURSELF FROM THE FREEBIES Who doesn't love free?! But beware, in the end it leads you to a pricey cost! Don't allow people to make you feel bad for declining food, passing up on their homemade cookies or taste testing the "best" whatever it is they've ever eaten. It's a trap! Your health and… Continue reading Fit Tip #30 Say NO to Freebies!

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Holy Sh–Sweat! Super Sweaty Saturday HIIT

This was definitely a personal challenge. I don't know if it's because I have short legs or if I'm not in the exact shape I thought I was! It was smooth sailing till I got to the 12/13 incline. Man! What an ass kicker! It's a beautiful day here in Florida and while I love… Continue reading Holy Sh–Sweat! Super Sweaty Saturday HIIT

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Kick Ass Cardio!

Kick your ass cardio! -Literally! These butt kickers are no joke! REPEAT 3 -5 times. If you want to use your time efficiently, try this! Rise, grind, then shine! You can get this done in 20 minutes or less and go on about your day! Put in work! Happy Saturday!

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13 EASY Ways To Add Protein To Your Diet

It's important that we all get our daily doses of protein! The lack of protein in your diet may lead you to muscle weakness, bloating due to water retention, low blood pressure, bruising, lower your ability to fight off colds and other illnesses, fatigue, liver issues and other symptoms that may go unseen! 1.) Coffee… Continue reading 13 EASY Ways To Add Protein To Your Diet

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No membership? No problem! Workout for FREE! 

 Did she just say free? You bet I did! No gym necessary folks! Mother Earth is your gym and comes at no cost! Use nature and your resources around you as your fitness playground! There are countless excercises and bodyweight movements that can be done outdoors. I love getting active outside because it's mentally more enjoyable being out in the sunshine… Continue reading No membership? No problem! Workout for FREE!