Fit Tips

Fit Tip #30 Say NO to Freebies!


Who doesn’t love free?! But beware, in the end it leads you to a pricey cost!

Don’t allow people to make you feel bad for declining food, passing up on their homemade cookies or taste testing the “best” whatever it is they’ve ever eaten.

It’s a trap!

Your health and goals are hugely sacrificed when you find yourself being a ‘yes’ man.

That basket of free bread at your dinner table, move it! 

Snacking is a sneaky little fella and a major part of your diet that can pull you under and put on pounds faster than the blink of any eye. A hundred calories here, a hundred calories there, next thing you know you’ve added almost 600-800 calories to your day! Just from snacking!


YES, the mini cupcake does make a difference. Stop telling yourself it doesn’t. One mini cupcake is 100 calories with no nutritional value. Have one a day and that’s 700 calories a week added to your regular eating habits.

Don’t confuse this post with me telling you to never eat cupcakes. That’s just cruel and I would never do that! It’s more about balance and knowing you can’t say yes to every little thing.

Your body is changing. We aren’t kids anymore with fat blasting metabolisms and energy levels that are off the charts. It’s time to be more aware of your health.

You can say NO to the breadsticks, rolls, chips and dip, biscuits or whatever else is at your table or work place. You don’t need to consume it just because its free. You don’t have to say yes because you feel bad.

You shouldn’t put your health on the line only to accommodate everyone else but youtself. If you don’t want to see food go to waste, take it home to a loved one or bring it to your friends or work peeps.

I’ll be damned if I put my goals on the line for someone’s peace of mind that I had a piece of the pie. I lived my life like that for far too long because I thought it was rude to say no. I promise you, the more you graciously decline, people will stop asking and offering. This is especially true when you make your goals out loud and well known. People will try to break you and I’ve never understood why.

Stay focused!

Happy Wednesday!

Tomorrow is a new day!

Don’t quit!

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