DIY New Years Nails!

Woo-hoo! I accomplished my last minute New Years nails!

Before these I had a very pretty red polish for Christmas but they wouldn’t do for New Years!

Don’t get nervous! They were a lot easier than they look. Most of the time I practice and try different things with my nails after dinner while watching TV.

This way I know I’m not rushing around or having to do anything that requires my hands, besides pressing buttons on the remote of course!


When I know there is a holiday or special event that I want to design my nails for, I pull some ideas off of Pinterest to help get my creative wheels turning.

In my nail supplies, I always keep nail glue and little gems and jewels! I purchase them from stores like Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby, Walmart and even eBay!


 Start with a solid color and go with a game plan. Before I start deciding I will paint the nails I know I want to be a solid color. From there I look and decide which ones I want all jewels, sometimes it will be only one. Then I decide which to do creative designs or paint.


Get creative! Use toothpicks or bobby pins for polka dots and small designs. Try tape for geometric shapes and sponges to create a ombre or gradient look. Q-tips help me clean up around my nails to keep them from looking messy.

No matter what, have fun with it guys! It’s just nails! If you mess up keep your polish remover handy and keep on keeping’ on!

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