Fit Tips

Fit Tip #30 Say NO to Freebies!

FREE YOURSELF FROM THE FREEBIES Who doesn't love free?! But beware, in the end it leads you to a pricey cost! Don't allow people to make you feel bad for declining food, passing up on their homemade cookies or taste testing the "best" whatever it is they've ever eaten. It's a trap! Your health and… Continue reading Fit Tip #30 Say NO to Freebies!

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Fit Tip #21 Double Up Fitness

If you're having a hard time getting your workouts in this season, try splitting up your training. It's not easy getting in a full hour once you have plans and scheduled event times. A 30 minute workout is much more doable than a 60-90 minute session. I do this quite often and prefer it this way… Continue reading Fit Tip #21 Double Up Fitness

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BeNaugh Tea!

Featured product of the day! Benaugh Tea! BeNaugh Tea is fresh brewed with all natural ingredients. Tea has many health benefits that include... boosting metabolism heart and immune system health hydrating the body improves bone strength fights free radicals In addition to those great properties, NaughTeas, is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated… Continue reading BeNaugh Tea!

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Pumped UP On Protein Waffles For The First Coast Heart Walk!

Today my husband and I are doing our first fundraiser heart walk. My sister was in charge of her works department to help coordinate this activity! At this particular event you had the option to walk run or jog the three-mile route located in downtown Jacksonville. We wanted to make sure our energy was high as well as… Continue reading Pumped UP On Protein Waffles For The First Coast Heart Walk!