Eating Out, FOOD

Football, Friends, Fun And FOOD!

That’s right! Football season is back! That means food, food and more food!

As soon as football gets rolling, the holidays are soon to follow!

This is a critical time to stay focused. It’s important to plan ahead and make sure you’re prepared. Don’t let yourself get off track. You’ve already worked too hard!

I plan my “cheat” or “slack”days around certain social functions or events, where I know I’ll be surrounded by temptations.
If I know I’m going to a football game Sunday, a baby shower Wednesday or a barbecue Friday, I will plan my workouts and food consumption accordingly. I will eat cleaner, lighter, and stay active the days before. This way I won’t be that person that can’t have any chips or says no to all the yummy treats. This is another part of finding your balance and being able to be a flexible eater.

I’m known by many as the snack queen and I have no shame pulling out my ziplock baggies of turkey meatballs, almonds, rice cakes, veggies, or whatever goodies I have hoarded in my purse. I won’t let myself ever be starving. It’s all planned and prepped!

Oh yeah, and GO JAGS!

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