Snacks And Sides

Football Sunday With A Foodie!

All you need is your favorite bread, jam, peanut butter, a sharp knife and a toothpick! For my sandwiches I used whole wheat sandwich thins, JIF chocolate whip peanut butter, and sugar-free strawberry jelly. This is an even better food idea for those crust free PB&J fans! After you prepare your sandwiches, use a sharp… Continue reading Football Sunday With A Foodie!

Eating Out, FOOD

Football, Friends, Fun And FOOD!

That's right! Football season is back! That means food, food and more food! As soon as football gets rolling, the holidays are soon to follow! This is a critical time to stay focused. It's important to plan ahead and make sure you're prepared. Don't let yourself get off track. You've already worked too hard! I… Continue reading Football, Friends, Fun And FOOD!