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Health Hacks For The Vacationer

MAN!  Getting ready to go out of town while trying to be healthy is a lot of work! Sometimes I stop and wonder if it's all worth it...... and I answer myself right back with a HELL YES! I remember when I used to just get up and go! That was also the same time I was… Continue reading Health Hacks For The Vacationer

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Food For The Traveler

Here is a list of some snack hacks while traveling. Maintaining a healthy diet while you're  on the go can be tricky but being prepared is key! Quest bars(protein bars) Cheese sticks Dry oatmeal Protein snack balls- my FAV! Almonds or mixed nuts Crasins/raisins Bananas Apples Carrots Celery Rice cakes Peanut butter to go Powdered peanut… Continue reading Food For The Traveler