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Health Hacks For The Vacationer


 Getting ready to go out of town while trying to be healthy is a lot of work!

Sometimes I stop and wonder if it’s all worth it…… and I answer myself right back with a HELL YES!

I remember when I used to just get up and go! That was also the same time I was overweight. I never put much thought into packing my bags, snacks or things I would need while on a trip. Everything was on the fly!

The thought of being out of my daily routine and off my regular training schedule definitely makes me nervous.  But I’ll do the best I can to stay on track! I can still keep some things in my control.
To better prepare myself I begin planning about a week in advance, what I’m going to be doing, eating and surrounding myself by. I want to be aware of my environment so I know what exactly I’ll need to adjust.

One of the first thing I checked was the rental home. What are their amenities? Is there a coffee pot, microwave, blender, stairs, backyard..

I’m all about using the resources around me so hopefully I can use the space for a couple quickie morning workouts! I noticed there were serveral areas with stairs, an open back yard, front drive way area and trails all over the property. My sister is getting married so with everything going on I’m already expecting to be short on time. That’s why a good stair workout, sprint circuits in the backyard and a lower body leg routine with lunges  and squats will be my future. I also pack with me resistance bands and a jump rope I purchased from the dollar store! I’m hoping to go on a couple morning runs as well!

Another thing to remember when training, is being sure I have enough time to do so, that way I’m not rushed. This means getting up ahead of time to get in a good workout. When I’m on vacation I try to keep it fast paced and 45 minutes or less.

Example Workout Routine

I look up restaurants and gyms in the area. This helps me get an idea of what food I might be consuming and what my training will look like. I also prepare myself in the event I won’t have access to a gym or too busy to make it to one. If this is the case I still want to be on top of my activity levels. Less activity also means I have to be better with my diet. For some reason, the less active I am the more bad foods I crave, so I have to be sure that I’m balancing calories in VS calories out. If I’m at the beach I’m going to make sure I’m swimming, throwing around the football, walking up and down the beach or playing frisbee. If places are close enough to walk instead of drive.

While out at restaurants,  I’ll still indulge but make little tweeks. Nothing fried but grilled, no butter, dressing on the side, that sort of thing.

 I calculate how many days I will be there, add up how many meals/snacks I’ll need, then the prepping begins! I don’t stress too much on lunch/ dinner but I do love my morning waffles and oats! I make a batch of protein waffles at home and bring with me or just bring my handy dandy waffle maker! It’s totally worth it!.

Snack prep!

I use ziplocks and portion out my favorite snacks and dry foods.  My snacks include quest bars, rice cakes, apples, bananas, peanut butter, prepared protein balls, almonds, craisins, and then my dry oats and protein powder. I label on the bag the amount inside; one scoop, 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup, or how many servings.

I love having my favorite snacks available out of town but also while on the road getting there. There’s nothing worse than road tripping starving and stopping at a gas station for who knows what! It’s important that I keep my hunger in control.

Next I plan out a list of items I’ll need when I get there. This list will be most of your cold ingredients like milk, egg whites, yogurt, berries, and meat!

Finally on to packing my clothes!

This is where the real challenge begins!

Happy Thursday and hooray for Harrison! And my soon to be married sister!



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