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10 Reasons WHY I Started Working Out At Home

 A few quick tips before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post! If you want to start working out from home, before getting straight into your routine it's best to warm up. To do this, I use my beloved cycle bike that I bought from K-mart. If you don't have a cardio machine like this,… Continue reading 10 Reasons WHY I Started Working Out At Home

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Football Sunday With A Foodie!

All you need is your favorite bread, jam, peanut butter, a sharp knife and a toothpick! For my sandwiches I used whole wheat sandwich thins, JIF chocolate whip peanut butter, and sugar-free strawberry jelly. This is an even better food idea for those crust free PB&J fans! After you prepare your sandwiches, use a sharp… Continue reading Football Sunday With A Foodie!

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Gym Bunny Spotlight!

I introduce to you my sweet and sassy bunny Pearl! Just like her momma, she has a love for fitness and exploring new ways to stay active! She is a gorgeous grey netherland dwarf bunny! These bunnies only reach about 7 pounds at most. She definitely has characteristics similar to a hormonalteenager but I wouldn't want her… Continue reading Gym Bunny Spotlight!

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Fit Tip #29 One Machine, One Workout! Lower Body Leg Press Burn

Keep it simple! You can use one machine for a variety of exercises with different feet placement and leg alternations. → Try placing your legs in a wider, sumo stance, shoulder width stance, then narrow. The distance of your feet will also determine what area of your legs are being targeted. A wider stance will get thighs and… Continue reading Fit Tip #29 One Machine, One Workout! Lower Body Leg Press Burn

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Fit Tip #28 Stationary Bike Ab Burn

When you're using an upright stationary bike, lean back and hold for a few seconds while pedaling. You can also move back and forth several times to get an extra burn. This is a great movement to get in some cardio while strengthening your core at the same time!

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Hit the gym with HIIT!

  Hiit training stands for high intensity(really intense!) interval training. The concept is to perform a number of rounds with high levels of activity followed by rest, then bursting back into high levels, then rest and repeating until you are finished. Most hiit workouts are 20-30 minutes, total! This is perfect for those busy bees who are pressed… Continue reading Hit the gym with HIIT!

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Protein Birthday Batter Confetti Cakes! 

Let the birthday celebrations keep on coming! This month we celebrated my husband and my sisters birthday! It's not fair to miss out on any of the good stuff, like eating your own birthday cake!  I prepared this guilt-free alternative you won't feel bad about eating! Everyone deserves cake on their birthday. What's the best part… Continue reading Protein Birthday Batter Confetti Cakes!