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Fit Tip #29 One Machine, One Workout! Lower Body Leg Press Burn

Keep it simple! You can use one machine for a variety of exercises with different feet placement and leg alternations.

→ Try placing your legs in a wider, sumo stance, shoulder width stance, then narrow. The distance of your feet will also determine what area of your legs are being targeted. A wider stance will get thighs and a narrow distance will be more of your quads.

→ Instead of only doing both legs, mix in one legged presses as well. I will do this in a superset. For example,

♥ 3 sets of 12 reps of wide stance leg press followed right behind with single leg presses for 20 reps each leg (lighter weight)

♥ 3 sets of 12 reps narrow leg presses, followed again with single leg presses, 20 reps each leg.

♥ 3 sets of 12 shoulder width leg presses, 20 each single…


*BONUS* If you want to keep your heart rate up, after each set get off the machine and do jumping lunges or jump squats. I love doing this! You can burn fat and build muscle all at once!

→ Don’t forget about the height placement on the press too! Lower placement on the platform will hit your quads while a higher foot position will get more of your hamstrings and glutes.

After you go through your leg press sets, I’ll use this machine for my calves as well! At a comfortable weight, place your toes at the very bottom of the platform and rock out some calf raises! Try a dropset if you want an extra burn!

You can do so many combinations with this machine! Have fun with it! Put your own plan together by what specific areas you are trying to work.

Happy Saturday!

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