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SKINNY Secrets To Get You Through The Holidays!

Rule your mind. Even if that means playing a few little tricks on yourself! ♥ Use smaller utensils ♥ Eat on smaller plates Silly and stupid you say? I know it sounds like it, but boy does it work! Eating off a smaller plate will allow you to eat all of your favs without wanting to explode or immediately take… Continue reading SKINNY Secrets To Get You Through The Holidays!

Strength Training

Accelerate Your Abs!

  Try adding weight into your basic body movements. I noticed a HUGE difference as soon as  I started adding some resistance! I did this 3 times with 8 reps overhead, 8 reps stopping halfway then 8 reps all the way down. 🤓💖👍🏼

Fit Tips

Fit Tip #28 Stationary Bike Ab Burn

When you're using an upright stationary bike, lean back and hold for a few seconds while pedaling. You can also move back and forth several times to get an extra burn. This is a great movement to get in some cardio while strengthening your core at the same time!

Fit Tips, Strength Training

Saturday Sweat And Strength Circuit Challenge

Throughout my fitness journey I've increased my strength, speed and endurance. I started out only going to the gym only 2-3 times a week doing cardio and light weights. The more I learned and educated myself within the world of health and fitness, I've been able to step up my game when it comes to training.… Continue reading Saturday Sweat And Strength Circuit Challenge


To Compete Or Not To Compete…

I'm a huge fan of Krista and the 12 Minute Athlete. We share a lot of the same values and goals. I read this article she had on her website and I found it to be pretty interesting. There is no doubt competing is serious but it also isn't for everyone. We are all motivated… Continue reading To Compete Or Not To Compete…