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Gym Bunny Spotlight!

I introduce to you my sweet and sassy bunny Pearl!

Just like her momma, she has a love for fitness and exploring new ways to stay active!

She is a gorgeous grey netherland dwarf bunny! These bunnies only reach about 7 pounds at most.

She definitely has characteristics similar to a hormonalteenager but I wouldn’t want her any other way!

She keeps me laughing, entertained and always on my toes!

She may appear nosey but it’s just her being a curious and playful bun-bun!

If I’m on the computer, doing yoga in the living room, watching tv, or cleaning, she needs to be in the know!

I always joke that this is her house and we’re the ones living with her!

She’s my little love bug and my personal gym bunny!

Do your pets get involved in your home workouts too?!

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