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Sunday Football Made Skinny!

During football season I’m exposed to tons of food I wouldn’t normally eat or that I try to stay away from. For this reason, I will plan my cheat meals on Sundays. That way I won’t feel guilty eating certain things. Plus, Monday is a new day to get back on track! 

You can make it easier on yourself by preparing healthier treats to snack on. This will help keep you full on the good stuff while having handfuls here and there of high calorie dips and yummy cheese platters!

I prepared my turkey meatballs and a delicious buffalo dip made from greek yogurt! So easy and SO good! Throw in some pita chips, celery and you’re good to go!

All you need for the dip is 1 cup plain greek yogurt and buffalo sauce of choice. We used Franks. Add in your buffalo sauce till you reach your desired heat.

I honestly enjoyed eating this and didn’t feel like I was missing out on those greasy chicken wings, bean dip, and potato chips!

Happy Sunday!

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