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4th Of July With A Foodie!

Happy Birthday America!

In a previous post, I shared my festive favs to prepare for Memorial Day weekend.

The good news,  I’ve come up with even more fun red, white and blue goodies that are perfect for Fourth Of July!

I wanted to do jello-shots because they are prepared already colored and feed large groups! To add some health benefits, on top of them already being sugar-free, I sprinkled in my flavored BCAAS and used Skinny Girl Vodka which is a low-calorie, low-carb alternative alcohol.

For fun I tossed in some fresh fruit!

I had extra mixture of both flavors so I layered the flavors in larger clear cups!

Last but not least, the infamous protein balls!
I cut paper straws to use in place of toothpicks. You can do a variety of things to protein balls to make them festive. Try using colored M&Ms, coconut flake coating, dye the oats with food coloring and of course play around with sprinkles!  All of these options will add different textures and keep your food spread eye catching!


I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday!

What was your favorite Fourth Of July dish?!


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