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28th Birthday Fun…With Food Of Course!

Whew!- I survived my birthday!

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by the friends and family that I have but boy am I over all the food that followed it!

My actual birthday was on a Tuesday so the festivities started earlier that Friday! This means, dinners, brunches, lunches and more dinners!

By the time Tuesday came around I was exhausted and ready for it to pass.

I guess more so because I wanted things to get back to normal!

It was a weekend packed of friends, family and food, food, food!

The older I get I have turned into a creature of habit. I’m at a point now where I CAN say that I DO enjoy my weekly routine of meal prepping, early bed times and a planned gym schedule.

Yes, I know I don’t normally eat like this and yes, I know it’s okay to indulge here and there, but to be honest, I don’t really enjoy it!  I’m almost certain my body doesn’t either! Especially not 5 days in a row!

Over the years my taste buds have changed and when I get hungry I honestly don’t crave horrible foods. Thank goodness for that but it did take a while for me to get here…

I think also, because I know the hard work I put into my health and the efforts I contribute in the gym, I feel a little bit of guilt eating poorly over and over.

Not only that, I  can honestly feel the difference too!

I just feel heavier, weighed down, bloated and uncomfortable. I’m a lot thirstier than normal, extremely tired and sluggish too! It’s crazy the effect certain foods have on your well being!

Now on with my recap! You foodies are going to love this!…

Friday. Friday Rey’s mom and step-dad took us out to eat at Blind Rabbit Whiskey And Burger Bar. This place is super cool and new to the area. There’s a strawberry mint julep drink that I love, love, love here. It was pretty much the only reason I wanted to go there! I switched it up on everyone and had the fish tacos with a side of macaroni! The fish tacos were delicious with a salty blackened crust, which I love! Unfortunately for the macaroni, I wasn’t impressed. It was bland and the sauce was too watery for my taste. I like my macaroni ooey and gooey with cheese!

Saturday. Saturday was the night I went out to eat with close friends at Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails. I had never been here but YUM! What a cool restaurant! I had a salmon dish that was to die for. The sauce was almost like a sweet chili. Everything around the table looked delicious! You’ll see meat and cheesy potatoes, chicken and waffles, shrimp kale salad, a meat and cheese platter, and my salmon dish that I forgot to capture. Say what? YES! I forgot! I can’t forget about my dirty martini with blue cheese olives. So good!


Sunday. Sunday we always do dinner at my moms but this time was different! This Sunday since my mom and I have the same birthday we would be celebrating ours together since we wouldn’t see each other on Tuesday. What makes it so different you ask? There was a bounce house! A Disney princess bounce house! I’ve never had one before so this was sooo fun to do together this year!

My sister is the sweetest and bought disney hats, birthday decor to match and cupcakes!

It was such a lovely day and perfect weather for a bounce house!

My moms boyfriend made the biggest crock pot of delicious, chunky chili with grilled cheese sandwiches to go with it!


 ♥ sisters ♥



Oh my lordy cupcakes.. They were mini but just as tempting!

Monday. Monday was my grandmas birthday! What a lovely lady! She turned 79 and is such a huge inspiration! We went to the Cheesecake Factory and enjoyed ourselves with some drinks and skinny meals off of their skinnilicious featured menu! It was also Martin Luther King day and MAN were they slammed! I sure felt for all those serversI remember what it’s like to be in the restaurant business.



Doesn’t everyone taste it first before they blow it out 🙂

Here is the aftermath! We sure did some damage!

What put the icing on MY birthday cake? Rey treating me to a Ruth Chris dinner for my actual birthday on Tuesday!

Tuesday. I was back to work and by this point I couldn’t even think about food. However, for Ruth Chris, I can suck it up!

I feel like I’m on titanic every time I’m in their dining room but what always a great experience! I was so tempted to get lobster but was worried it wouldn’t be as feeling. I went with the petite filet and shrimp combo and shared a side of the best asparagus I’ve ever had! Combined with my dirty martini of course!

We wrapped up the night with a dessert plate of what I would say was a warm turtle nut crumble cake, chocolate energy bark and classic vanilla bean ice-cream!

Happy Birthday to me!

I had an awesome birthday and feel GREAT about turning 28!

What’s your favorite meal or place to eat on your birthday?

Happy Wednesday to you all!



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