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HEALTHY S’more Brownies!

After just one bite you're gonna want s'more of these brownies! Who doesn't love s'mores and brownies? So why not put them together! You might think I'm crazy but October IS in two months! That means fall and pumpkin spiced everything! Fall also reminds me of cold weather and bonfires and bonfires mean S'MORES!  … Continue reading HEALTHY S’more Brownies!

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HEALTHY Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

These are the best smelling cookies! My mouth waters every time I smell them cooking in the oven! They are perfect for a quick on the go breakfast too! You will need 1  and 1/3 cups of almond flour 2 cups rolled oats 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp baking powder 1 tbs cinnamon 4 liquid… Continue reading HEALTHY Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

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Secret Ingredient For The Best Protein Ice-Cream!

Here is a MUST have item for your pantry! I like to experiment in the kitchen with essential oils and extracts which lead me to this product! My husband and I were in the car discussing food and crazy concoctions like we normally do, then it hit me! Of course! A peanut butter extract!   My diet would… Continue reading Secret Ingredient For The Best Protein Ice-Cream!

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Skinny Dippers. The Best Baked Chicken Nuggets!

WINNER WINNER, chicken dinner!   These are too good not to make a post about! As these were being prepared, my husband and I kept going on and on with all the different seasonings and combinations to try with this recipe! ♥ italian parmesan ♥ lemon pepper ♥ spicy buffalo ♥ garlic ♥ chili lime (including… Continue reading Skinny Dippers. The Best Baked Chicken Nuggets!


How To Make The Easiest Protein Pancakes!

Below is a quick and easy video tutorial from my youtube on how I make my protein pancakes! It's amazing how much batter comes from only one scoop of protein! I was craving the flavors of cinnamon toast crunch so I decided to use my vanilla swirl BPI protein and add cinnamon! For quick breakfast options, I'll make… Continue reading How To Make The Easiest Protein Pancakes!

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Kick Ass Cardio!

Kick your ass cardio! -Literally! These butt kickers are no joke! REPEAT 3 -5 times. If you want to use your time efficiently, try this! Rise, grind, then shine! You can get this done in 20 minutes or less and go on about your day! Put in work! Happy Saturday!