How To Make The Easiest Protein Pancakes!

Below is a quick and easy video tutorial from my youtube on how I make my protein pancakes! It's amazing how much batter comes from only one scoop of protein! I was craving the flavors of cinnamon toast crunch so I decided to use my vanilla swirl BPI protein and add cinnamon! For quick breakfast options, I'll make… Continue reading How To Make The Easiest Protein Pancakes!

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Banana Protein Flippin Flapjacks!

  I usually make protein waffles for breakfast or chow down on some overnight outs but sometimes I just crave pancakes! These pancakes are super easy, still fluffy, low calorie and packed with health benefits! All you need is.. 1/2 ripe banana 1 scoop protein (vanilla or chocolate is best with banana!) 2 tsp baking… Continue reading Banana Protein Flippin Flapjacks!