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Skinny Girl Thin Mints

OH.. MY.. Girl scouts! These taste too good to be healthy! I make a fair share of sweet cheats but this one truly blew my mind. I made my husband taste one from my first batch and I could tell from his eyes they were a success!   They are light, crispy and deliciously minty!… Continue reading Skinny Girl Thin Mints

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Lemon Chai Vanilla Protein Cookies

Get a little taste of summer with these super fresh protein cookies! I just took healthy snacking to a new level! After baking these I promoted this recipe into my top 5 favs! If you're a fan of poppy seed, you'll be a huge fan of these too! I didn't realize how much I loved… Continue reading Lemon Chai Vanilla Protein Cookies

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Secret Ingredient For The Best Protein Ice-Cream!

Here is a MUST have item for your pantry! I like to experiment in the kitchen with essential oils and extracts which lead me to this product! My husband and I were in the car discussing food and crazy concoctions like we normally do, then it hit me! Of course! A peanut butter extract!   My diet would… Continue reading Secret Ingredient For The Best Protein Ice-Cream!