How To Make The Easiest Protein Pancakes!

Below is a quick and easy video tutorial from my youtube on how I make my protein pancakes! It's amazing how much batter comes from only one scoop of protein! I was craving the flavors of cinnamon toast crunch so I decided to use my vanilla swirl BPI protein and add cinnamon! For quick breakfast options, I'll make… Continue reading How To Make The Easiest Protein Pancakes!


Light AND Fluffy Pancakes!

These are amaaaaaaazing! I can't tell you the last time I had pancakes, so I was more than excited to indulge in these! I can eat only oatmeal for so long! You can be creative with ingredients such as protein, nuts, fruit and so on. We used pecans and peanut butter and white chocolate chips… Continue reading Light AND Fluffy Pancakes!