In My Pantry

Secret Ingredient For The Best Protein Ice-Cream!

Here is a MUST have item for your pantry! I like to experiment in the kitchen with essential oils and extracts which lead me to this product!

My husband and I were in the car discussing food and crazy concoctions like we normally do, then it hit me! Of course! A peanut butter extract!


My diet would be close to flawless if I could find a way to eat peanut butter without the high fat and calories. All the trial and errors with peanut butter substitutes can be exhausting and weight heavy on the wallet!

Peanut butter is one of my weaknesses so I thought, giving an oil or extract for the flavor would be a perfect idea!

After a quick search, I hit the jack pot! Peanut butter flavoring does exist! I felt so dumb, why haven’t I thought of this before! There’s a good amount of brand options out there so don’t hesitate to check those out too.

The video below is a recipe I threw together to incorporate the peanut butter flavoring by making a low calorie,  low sugar, dairy free, protein ice cream in under 5 minutes!

It’s so easy a monkey could whip it up!


You can add it to your smoothies, baked goods, yogurt and basically anything you can think of that you’d slap peanut butter on!

Buy yours here and let me know what you think!

For my workout of the day, try this spin session to blast through fat!

You can do this at your local gym and watch from your smart phone! That’s what I did 🙂


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