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Summertime Lemon Vanilla Oat Cookies!

Who doesn't love the combination of lemon and vanilla?! Most oatmeal cookie recipes can be very repetitive; oatmeal raisin, cinnamon oatmeal, and banana bread. I was feeling pretty summery so it only made sense to play around with a lemon inspired cookie! I used vanilla extract but to get the vanilla flavor other ways you could… Continue reading Summertime Lemon Vanilla Oat Cookies!

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Transformation Throwbacks And Health Update

I thought it was time I dedicated a post to my transformation. I know you all read my blog title and question how it all came about. WELL, I haven't always been fit. I haven't always eaten whole clean foods or been active. I think it's fair to say in my poor earlier 20's I… Continue reading Transformation Throwbacks And Health Update

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Better Than Cool Ranch Doritos! PAQUI’s Wild Wild Ranch Chips Review!

PAQUI, the gourmet tortilla chip! I know what you're thinking. Cool Ranch Doritos, that we've held so close to our hearts are irreplaceable and it's crazy talk to think anything else could compare... BUT SOMETHING DOES! And it's much, much better! I introduce you to PAQUI and their Wild Wild Ranch chips! I refer to… Continue reading Better Than Cool Ranch Doritos! PAQUI’s Wild Wild Ranch Chips Review!

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Goodbye Cheeto’s! Hello Luke’s Organic Lightening Bolts!

I had to share this product with you guys. I'm not a huge fan of having packaged snacks around but these cheddar lighting bolts are worth a shot! Just don't be too fooled thinking they are so healthy they can be replaced with snacks like yogurt, fruit, oats, smoothies, nuts, and so on...    … Continue reading Goodbye Cheeto’s! Hello Luke’s Organic Lightening Bolts!


SHOP Skinny Fat Girl Exposed

My shop is up and running! Stay tuned for more goodies coming soon! You can find my homemade peanut butters, protein balls, energy balls, dry mixes and fashionable favs of mine!  Click here to be directed to my Etsy store for homemade goodies and peanut butters or my other storefront here, to shop for more fashion forward pieces!  


Go for the GOLD

One of my favorite beauty treatments that I feel is under rated is the Gold Facial! Gold facials have been around for many many years. Even Cleopatra was known for using gold as a part of her nightly skin care routines, which was claimed to be what gave her such beautiful skin. It's also used… Continue reading Go for the GOLD

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Christmas Morning Greek Yogurt Muffins!

Rise and shine! It's Christmas time! What a perfect muffin to wake up to! A light and fluffy treat that has festive red strawberries and green sprinkles to celebrate the season! I love to eat these as a mid day snack as well. You can enjoy this recipe hot or cold. They are just as… Continue reading Christmas Morning Greek Yogurt Muffins!