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Goodbye Cheeto’s! Hello Luke’s Organic Lightening Bolts!

I had to share this product with you guys. I’m not a huge fan of having packaged snacks around but these cheddar lighting bolts are worth a shot! Just don’t be too fooled thinking they are so healthy they can be replaced with snacks like yogurt, fruit, oats, smoothies, nuts, and so on…



What makes Luke’s so great?

Luke’s has simplified it’s label with ingredients you can pronounce and giving you a peace of mind that you’re consuming a snack that is organic and gluten free. This makes Luke’s great for any snacker to enjoy!

For all the Cheeto addicts out there, regular Cheetos are produced with GMOs and harmful food colorings and dyes. One of these ingredients is a petroleum product used to give Cheetos that bright orange coloring. Did you know that?! Me either!

Now you can now enjoy a similar snack without sacrificing the flavor, color or classic crunch!

I’ve had similar ‘healthy/gluten free’ cheese snacks but they don’t compare to the quality of Luke’s! I can’t forget to mention the texture! The crunch of regular Cheetos is definitely one of the main things I miss but Luke’s is the best when it comes to other cheesy snacks I’ve dabbled in. If I were to eat these blindfolded, I’de have a hard time being convinced it wasn’t a real Cheeto!

What’s  even better is they are affordable! If you have to pick between certain foods, a lot of it comes down to price. Not with Luke’s! An organic or a healthy snack alternative doesn’t mean more expensive, but in fact only means tastier and better for your body!

Well done Luke’s!


Don’t forget to check out their other snacks HERE, including multigrain chips, potato chips, crackers and more!


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