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Transformation Throwbacks And Health Update

I thought it was time I dedicated a post to my transformation. I know you all read my blog title and question how it all came about. WELL, I haven't always been fit. I haven't always eaten whole clean foods or been active. I think it's fair to say in my poor earlier 20's I… Continue reading Transformation Throwbacks And Health Update

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   Count Chocula’s Chocolate Protein Candy Pops! They’re Fangtastic!

  Tis' the season to have fun with your food! October is hands down one of my favorite months! It gives you an excuse to be creative and weird with no judgement! I can't complain about the cooler weather either! The Florida heat will make you feel like you're living in a sauna! Try this… Continue reading    Count Chocula’s Chocolate Protein Candy Pops! They’re Fangtastic!

Fit Tips

Fit Tip #11 Music Makes You Lose Control!

I respond to my music in the gym the same way I would at a club.. If it doesn't get you rushing up out of your chair to the dance floor then it won't force you out of bed and blast through a workout either! For example, Nickleback would not do either of those for… Continue reading Fit Tip #11 Music Makes You Lose Control!

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Fit Tip #1

It's not your body you have to worry about. Getting in the gym and training won't be the problem. Your body will follow your lead. It's your mind. The challenge will be getting your mind on the same page as your body. The good news, this is something YOU can control! - Skinny Fat Girl