Go for the GOLD

One of my favorite beauty treatments that I feel is under rated is the Gold Facial! Gold facials have been around for many many years. Even Cleopatra was known for using gold as a part of her nightly skin care routines, which was claimed to be what gave her such beautiful skin. It's also used… Continue reading Go for the GOLD

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Loving Yourself With Lingerie!

Being beautiful goes beyond wearing makeup or spending a day getting pampered. You must feel good about yourself first before you can truly feel bold and beautiful. Once you achieve this you'll be oozing beauty from the inside and out! I suggest starting with the one and only L word, Lingerie! Whether you are wearing… Continue reading Loving Yourself With Lingerie!


TGIF! Skinny Fat Girl Featured In Local Magazine!

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all a great local magazine home to the Jacksonville Beach area. Even if you aren't a local, you'll find something in every issue that strikes an interest. This month my fit friend Ami and I were featured in an ad to promote my blog and her training services.… Continue reading TGIF! Skinny Fat Girl Featured In Local Magazine!


Minnie Mouse DIY Disney Nails 

Over the weekend we went to Disney World for my sisters 30th birthday! Of course I had to jazz my nails up and disney-fy them for the trip! We all know how much I love to be festive!   I know this looks tricky but honestly it's the simple baby steps that will pull it all… Continue reading Minnie Mouse DIY Disney Nails 


How To Properly Apply A Moisturizer

You don't want to apply too much product. A little goes a long way. Start with a dime size amount. You can always add more if necessary. When applying moisturizer, avoid any rubbing. When you rub in your product you're only rubbing it right back off. You want to give your moisturizer a chance to… Continue reading How To Properly Apply A Moisturizer

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It’s Makeup Monday! Halloween Style!

Since it's October, a dear friend of mine requested that I post a blog on my costume makeup. Every time I see her she is on my case, so here you go! Before I got into skincare and eyelash extensions, I did a lot of work with makeup that included fashion shows, bridal, magazines and special… Continue reading It’s Makeup Monday! Halloween Style!


But First, Pizza!

I created this blog after I realized that I'm not the only one who constantly battles with food. Many of us from all ages, shapes, and sizes are struggling on a daily basis. I'm even thinking about food right now. At five-foot tall, I have yo-yoed with my weight for as long as I can remember. I know… Continue reading But First, Pizza!