Go for the GOLD

One of my favorite beauty treatments that I feel is under rated is the Gold Facial! Gold facials have been around for many many years. Even Cleopatra was known for using gold as a part of her nightly skin care routines, which was claimed to be what gave her such beautiful skin. It’s also used regularly on spa menus in China and Japan.
When the gold sheets are applied to your skin, your body recognizes it as a foreign object. This allows the properties of gold to cause cell regeneration. Your cells are produced approximately every 28 days, but the gold facial speeds up the process, which as a result, firms and tightens the skin. When the gold is applied it has anti-inflammatory effects, as well as antioxidants that prevent premature aging and reduce melanin productions. These results help reduce the appearance of sunspots and blemishes. Gold facials are also responsible for slowing down the depletion of collagen(what keeps your skin youthful and plump), the breakdown of elastin that prevents sagging skin, improving blood circulation and also with reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


 The application of a golden facial is easy. There are different methods of application depending on the spa. The most common is golden flake-like sheets.Your esthetician will apply a serum onto your skin to hydrate and prepare for the golden mask. From there, gold sheets are placed over your face and using a light mist from a steamer is used to set in the gold. It’s massaged in gently and thoroughly on the skin!
There are home options as well. You can indulge in gold treatments from Sephora or Saks Fifth Avenue or for your budget friendly options there’s a variety of gold face masks that can be purchased from Amazon. The gold facial will leave your skin glowing and refreshed! Plus, it sound better than having seaweed or mud applied all over your face! Look and feel like a queen!

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