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Better Than Cool Ranch Doritos! PAQUI’s Wild Wild Ranch Chips Review!

PAQUI, the gourmet tortilla chip!

I know what you’re thinking. Cool Ranch Doritos, that we’ve held so close to our hearts are irreplaceable and it’s crazy talk to think anything else could compare…


And it’s much, much better!

I introduce you to PAQUI and their Wild Wild Ranch chips!

I refer to them as the much nicer twin sister of the beloved Doritos.

How could this be possible? I was wondering the same thing!

After doing research on our favorite Doritos we grew up to love, I learned all about what it was we were really putting into our bodies.

Doritos are often made with genetically modified ingredients, added sugars, preservatives dyes, and dairy ingredients that come from animals consuming GMO foods as well.

These ingredients have been linked to cause inflammation, colon blockage, allergies,and other sensitivities. It’s obviously not made from anything you or your kids want to be consuming. By purchasing these products you are contributing to the funding of GMO’s in the good industry and other products with harmful ingredients staying on the shelves.

On the brighter side! Let’s get back to PAQUI!

These aren’t tasteless bean chips or health freak snacks made of rice or some other odd vegetable.

Instead, PAQUI still uses corn but eliminates everything else that hold no nutritional value and replace it with ingredients that will benefit your body and do no harm.

What else makes PAQUI so special?

They are actually non-GMO certified and use non GMO corn for all of their products. The other perks of these chips, they are claimed to be gluten-free,trans-fat free and MSG free!

What makes them even better?

They are nut and soy free! (except their cool salsa and nacho cheese flavor). They are also Kosher and certified as so by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.

Find PAQUI chips here, (You can save 10% on your first order by shopping with them online!), Trader Joes, Native Sun, some Walmart stores, or at your local health supermarket.


Their ghost pepper chips are nothing to mess with! Take my word for it!

Now take that Doritos!

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