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Crispy And Crunchy Sweet Potato Tots!

Who didn’t love tater tots as a kid!? I love sweet potatoes cooked every kind of way so I was excited to try this recipe. It was easy and can be customized by adding garlic, green peppers, corn, seasonings and so on!   Ingredients 1 cup cooked, skinned and mashed sweet potato 1 tbsp oat flour… Continue reading Crispy And Crunchy Sweet Potato Tots!

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Skinny Girl Thanksgiving Cranberry Meatballs!

 I originally saw this recipe on Pinterest and found that the combination of green apples and cranberries would be very interesting. I had to try it it! I tweaked it to my liking and reduced a couple of the ingredients. Don't hesitate to use my recipe as a template to create something of your own! That's what makes cooking and… Continue reading Skinny Girl Thanksgiving Cranberry Meatballs!

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ONLY 2 Ingredient Sweet Potato Fudge Bites!

Yummy in my tummy! Sometimes I get lazy with baking and sometimes I'm just short on time! Either way, this recipe will solve both of those problems with just two ingredients. No, really! JUST two! You will need... 1.) A sweet potato 2.) Protein powder (I used chocolate) ...That's it! I love the texture of sweet… Continue reading ONLY 2 Ingredient Sweet Potato Fudge Bites!

Snacks And Sides

Football Sunday With A Foodie!

All you need is your favorite bread, jam, peanut butter, a sharp knife and a toothpick! For my sandwiches I used whole wheat sandwich thins, JIF chocolate whip peanut butter, and sugar-free strawberry jelly. This is an even better food idea for those crust free PB&J fans! After you prepare your sandwiches, use a sharp… Continue reading Football Sunday With A Foodie!

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Banana Bread Protein Muffins!

I love keeping these in fridge for a quick snack, devouring before a workout or crumbled on top of my yogurt and oatmeal! So tasty and hit the sweet spot cravings just right! Your Goodies 1 ripe banana 1  cup old fashioned oats 1/4 cup raisins  1 scoop vanilla protein 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon… Continue reading Banana Bread Protein Muffins!

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Healthy Baked Steak Fries!

Ohh, ladies and gentlemen! This one is a doozy! Any sense of my portion control went right out the window! They are that dang good! Why go out and pay for something you can make in your own kitchen! Especially when you can be in complete control of knowing exactly how much and what you're putting… Continue reading Healthy Baked Steak Fries!