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No Tricks, Just Treats! Green Apple Goblins For A Healthy Halloween!


How awesome are these! They were much easier to make than I thought! As crazy as they look, they were still sooo delicious!

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, a festive work function or a fun night with the kids, then these green apple goblins have your name all over it!

All you need…


Nuts. Used for the teeth. I used sunflower and almonds.


Peanut butter. Used for mouth filling. ( I used JIF chocolate whip)

Squeezable icing. I mainly used this for the eyes and to create a blood effect on the almond teeth 🙂

Cut your apples into 4 wedges and slice off slice off any hard edges left from the core.

Carefully carve out an opening on the outside of each apple wedge. This will be where you stuff your peanut butter. I did different shapes and sizes so the goblins could have different looks.

Now here comes the best part!.. After you stuff your apples with peanut butter, use the rest of your ingredients to create the face and mouth of your goblins!


You’ll be suprised what you find in your pantry to use! Try purple or orange food coloring in regular peanut butter, caramel for inside the mouth, jam for blood, or sprinkles for a tongue!

Have fun guys!

Happy wednesday!

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