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Cooking With Algae Oil

I was reading an article on algae oil in one of my training magazines.

When I think of algae, a green gooey slime is what comes to mind. I’ve done a lot of swimming growing up in Florida and the unexpected feeling of seaweed brisking across your leg is not a pleasant experience!

Regardless, when learning about the health benefits of algae oil I was quite surprised!
I never realized the calorie and fat levels of olive oil until I started cooking and being more conscious of food labels.
I try to cut back on calories and fat without sacrificing too much flavor.

What I learned about algae oil, is that it has a very high smoke point. This is beneficial for all types of cooking, making it extremely ideal to keep on hand. Using algae oil will allow you to sauté, roast, stir fry or sear your food.


 Don’t worry about the taste either! Algae oil has a very subtle and natural flavor. You won’t have too worry about hints of algae or green gooeyness flavoring all of your food.

More basic facts about algae oil…

♥ healthier than canola and olive oil.

♥ high concentration of monounsaturated fats but low saturated.

♥ helps with your heart health as well as blood sugar and pressure levels

♥ 1 tablespoon yields the same amount of fat as 1 avocado

For more information and the benefits on algae oil, click here.

Happy Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Cooking With Algae Oil”

  1. When you buy quality fresh vegetables Thrive Oil is the best way to go . The true taste of the veg you are sauteing come thru not at all masked by the taste of the oil. I have also found this with fish and lamb. This is a must have product for every kitchen both food service & home use.

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