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Monday Motivation. Setting The Scale Straight

The scale is not your friend! It will never be your friend. It lies, it manipulates and goes up and down more than your monthly mood swings! Your focus shouldn't be anything related to the scale. It only leads to obsessive behavior and often disappointment. Today is the day to let your scale know, 'it's… Continue reading Monday Motivation. Setting The Scale Straight

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Fit Tip #21 Double Up Fitness

If you're having a hard time getting your workouts in this season, try splitting up your training. It's not easy getting in a full hour once you have plans and scheduled event times. A 30 minute workout is much more doable than a 60-90 minute session. I do this quite often and prefer it this way… Continue reading Fit Tip #21 Double Up Fitness

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Bachelor In Paradise Booty Burn!

FUN FACT! My mom and I share the same birthday! Crazy, I know! Even though we are very different we are also strangely the same. Anyone close to our family is familiar with her "psychic" tendencies. The bond we share is without a doubt a strong one and at times makes no sense. I never… Continue reading Bachelor In Paradise Booty Burn!

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Fit Tip! #14 Drink Your Water, Stay Full!

Make sure you are drinking your water before and during meals. This will fill you up and slow down how fast you eat. Studies have shows that people who drink more water before food consumption consume fewer calories throughout the day!

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Health Tips For Beginners!

TIP 1 -TRACK YOUR MEALS TO STAY ON TRACK TO YOUR GOALS You  can't progress and take steps forward if you don't know where your standing from the start! TIP 2 -SPACE YOUR MEALS OUT IN EVEN INTERVALS THROUGHOUT THE DAY Keep your body fueled. Never let your self become starving!  TIP 3 - EAT… Continue reading Health Tips For Beginners!

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Fit Tip #10 Get Fit In A Flash!

Two words... FLASH CARDS! In an earlier post, I mentioned how easy it is to get yourself in the gym on rest/low intensity days while taking care of business and personal matters at the same time. However, you can't let those tasks stall your workout. More than 75% of my plans come from my phone… Continue reading Fit Tip #10 Get Fit In A Flash!