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Bachelor In Paradise Booty Burn!

FUN FACT! My mom and I share the same birthday!

Crazy, I know! Even though we are very different we are also strangely the same. Anyone close to our family is familiar with her “psychic” tendencies. The bond we share is without a doubt a strong one and at times makes no sense. I never understood it but on top of having a mothers intuition, she would also get these feelings and seemed to always know when and what I was doing at all times. This made it impossible for me to stay out of trouble or get away with anything throughout my younger years.

What’s my point you ask? My point is this!.. I have no idea why I am obsessed with Bachelor In Paradise. It baffles me too! Yes, I remember watching brief episodes here and there in high school but that was over 10 years ago! Yet here it is, back again to take my brain hostage! My only answer is that it’s my mom’s fault. She would be the spokesperson for the show if they let her. I’m almost starting to think she loves the show more than COSTCO and that’s a LOT! For now, I’ll blame it on our birthday bond that has sucked me into this whole thing!

To make myself feel better about watching it, I decided to be productive as well. Two birds with one stone right? If any of you are right there with me, you can try this too! I found this simple workout by FitMiss and it’s a perfect routine to do from the comfort of your own home. Even if you are glued to the TV you’ll forget what your doing and that you’re exercising at all.. And look at that! One episode down, an hour later and one step closer to slimmer legs and a better butt! Amen to that!

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