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Monday Motivation. Setting The Scale Straight

The scale is not your friend! It will never be your friend. It lies, it manipulates and goes up and down more than your monthly mood swings!

Your focus shouldn’t be anything related to the scale. It only leads to obsessive behavior and often disappointment. Today is the day to let your scale know, ‘it’s not you its me’ and both go your separate ways.

I admit, in the beginning of my weightless journey, I was on and off the scale but only to see where I was starting from so I had more of an idea with how far I had to go.

There was a time scales didn’t exist.. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself, how do I FEEL because that’s what counts!

How do you feel in your skinny jeans? Your bathing suit? Or your bra that normally causes way more back fat than you really have!


I can gauge my progress by my clothing and the fit.

When I go to my follow up doctors appointments, I get weighed.. Even then, if I’m up a couple pounds I can full on admit to myself, well yeah my jeans were getting a little snug.

It’s your clothes. Not your scale. It’s how you feel. Not the numbers. And lastly, don’t be silly and compare yourself to others. How can you realistically have a goal number to someone opposite of your build?

That’s like trying to get a husky dog to the goal weight of a Pomeranian. Two different dogs, different body types, different genes and body mechanics. No one can be the same when it comes to food and fitness.

Yes, your pal Susy might be taller than you and weigh the same. That will happen. Muscle weighs more than fat, portion sizes for different body types does exist. There are way too many variables to compare yourself to anyone else.

My point? It’s not the scale that’s off, it’s you that’s off!

Hold yourselves accountable! Set goals! It could take years but you’ll still get there. It’s not failing if you don’t quit. If you get off track don’t beat yourself up about it. Put all that to bed and wake up with a new game plan and go harder. Try and try again because that’s still not failing. You’re always a winner when you stay the course and overcome your obstacles and there will be obstacles!

Set yourself free from the scale!

Happy Monday!

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