Fit Tips

Fit Tip #15 You Are The Company You Keep

Surround yourself with active people who share the same goals. These people will be your support system and understand why you do what you do without making you feel bad or pressuring you into caving in and making poor choices. I can't stress enough how important this tip is!

Fit Tips

Fit Tip! #14 Drink Your Water, Stay Full!

Make sure you are drinking your water before and during meals. This will fill you up and slow down how fast you eat. Studies have shows that people who drink more water before food consumption consume fewer calories throughout the day!


To Compete Or Not To Compete…

I'm a huge fan of Krista and the 12 Minute Athlete. We share a lot of the same values and goals. I read this article she had on her website and I found it to be pretty interesting. There is no doubt competing is serious but it also isn't for everyone. We are all motivated… Continue reading To Compete Or Not To Compete…