Skinny Girl Chicken Feta Bake

   I wanted to share with you guys one of my husbands chicken recipes.   It's too easy to get burnt out on chicken when you're trying to stick to a meal plan. People think to be healthy and lose weight you have to eat the same boring foods over and over. False! Make a… Continue reading Skinny Girl Chicken Feta Bake


Fit Tip #20 Heart Rate Monitors For Good Health!

When it comes to training, you can't just wing it. Even with flexible dieting, there's still structure to it.  Last week my polar watch was out of commission. It's amazing how lost and useless I felt throughout my workout. While you shouldn't be dependent on your polar watch or heart rate monitors, it's still important… Continue reading Fit Tip #20 Heart Rate Monitors For Good Health!

Fit Tips

Health Tips For Beginners!

TIP 1 -TRACK YOUR MEALS TO STAY ON TRACK TO YOUR GOALS You  can't progress and take steps forward if you don't know where your standing from the start! TIP 2 -SPACE YOUR MEALS OUT IN EVEN INTERVALS THROUGHOUT THE DAY Keep your body fueled. Never let your self become starving!  TIP 3 - EAT… Continue reading Health Tips For Beginners!

Fit Tips

Fit Tip #10 Get Fit In A Flash!

Two words... FLASH CARDS! In an earlier post, I mentioned how easy it is to get yourself in the gym on rest/low intensity days while taking care of business and personal matters at the same time. However, you can't let those tasks stall your workout. More than 75% of my plans come from my phone… Continue reading Fit Tip #10 Get Fit In A Flash!


But First, Pizza!

I created this blog after I realized that I'm not the only one who constantly battles with food. Many of us from all ages, shapes, and sizes are struggling on a daily basis. I'm even thinking about food right now. At five-foot tall, I have yo-yoed with my weight for as long as I can remember. I know… Continue reading But First, Pizza!